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Auction Date & Time:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Over 250 Animal Mounts and Bronzes

Lifesize:  Bears, Musk Ox, Male and Female Lion, Hyena, Honey Badger, Javelina, Wolf, Orstrich,

Rugs and hides:  Fantastic Bears, Zebra, Hyena, Lion, Leopard, Cougar, deer, antelope

Skulls:  Full size hippo with ivory, warthog, caribou, elk, zebra, antelope

Pedestal:  2 Kudu, Sable;  wall mount pigmy antelopes

Shoulder Mounts:  Cape Buffalo, Kude, Eland, Red Stag, Wart Hog, Bush Pig, Black Wildebeest, Antelope, Mule deer, Whitetail deer, Axis deer, Black Buck, Aoudad, Mountain Goat, Sheep, Sable, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Caribou, Gemsbok, Reproduction Hippo,

Bronzes:  Lifesize Lions, Moose, Buffalo, Horse, huge fountains, many gallery size animals, bookshelf bronzes, table top bronze sculptures, collection of sharks, several curio bronzes including lifesize puppies, cranes, children, etc.


The auction starts at 9AM; the animals and bronzes will sell at 1PM.  Please see for pictures and more information or call 713.594.1576.


For more information Email us at

Offer for sale void where prohibited by law. No sale of endangered species may be consummated in foreign or interstate markets until a permit has been obtained from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife.


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